09 / 2015
140 x 202 mm
Published by:
Tua Harno

Burnt Land
(Oranssi Maa)

”Sanna was lost. She remembered her mother’s advice from blueberry-picking in the woods: Stay where you are and cry, and I’ll hear you.”

A crazy decision turns Sanna’s life upside down. What makes a pregnant woman travel alone to the Australian outback and risk everything?

Sanna’s life has been defined by safe choices: the local school of economics, the same boyfriend since high school, a home in a reputable neighbourhood of Helsinki. Until, in her thirties and
pregnant, she travels to the ends of the earth: a remote Australian mining town called Kalgoorlie.

Sanna is doing research for her master’s thesis on gender equality amongst mine workers, but it is a spiritual quest that actually brings her to Australia. The mining town is run by rough-and-tumble men; the women either work at dingy pubs or push overflowing shopping carts down the supermarket aisles.

In this bizarre, even menacing environment, Sanna meets her compatriot Martti, a miner with a restless history and equally restless soul. Sanna and Martti start an improbable yet passionate affair, but there is no room for love in either of their lives.

Sanna embarks on a trek across the desert in order to find the balance she so seeks. The trek has been planned by her spiritual guide, Ralda, an enigmatic woman acquainted with Aborigine culture.

In the desert, Sanna realizes she has made the biggest mistake of her life entrusting her own well-being and that of her unborn child to Ralda’s hands.

“When researching the novel, I stayed in the home of a retired miner in Australia. It’s actually quite rare for an outsider to be granted access to the mines. But I didn’t only visit the site during the day; I also slept a few nights in a bunkhouse for seasonal workers on mining company premises.
I was pregnant myself at the time. Never had I been so aware of being a woman and what that means.”
– Tua Harno


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