05 / 2016
140 x 202 mm
Crime and Thrillers
Published by:
Virpi Hämeen-Anttila

Burning Past
(Kuka kuolleista palaa)

Is the culprit a pyromaniac, or something even more dangerous? The series of Karl Axel Björk’s investigations continues as dramatic surprises make their way into the man’s personal life.

In late summer 1921 in Helsinki, a number of industrial buildings catch fire. When the office manager of a shipping company dies in one of these incidents, the police call on Björk for help.

Meanwhile Björk buries himself deep in the Helsinki underworld, searching for criminal evidence against his archenemy, the terrifying Wax Face. To top it all Björk’s father, who was believed dead, comes back alive from Siberia. Disapproving of his son’s rough lifestyle, he rapidly starts to interfere with it.


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