04 / 2016
Approx. 350
x mm
Published by:
Juha Itkonen

Bring Back The Butterflies
(Palatkaa perhoset)

Ten years have passed since Antti Salokoski said good-bye to Summer Maple. Where has life carried them since the pages of Let The More Loving One Be Me?

Summer Maple’s glowing international career has taken its toll, and not only on her: her mother Leena has been there all along, managing everyday practicalities and raising Summer’s daughter, Rosa. Antti has lived the quintessential thirty-something life in Finland, focused on his career, started a family – and lost it.

Now Summer Maple has gone missing again. When a friend and former band-mate reaches out to Antti asking for his help finding her, he’s sceptical. There’s no way he – Summer’s boyfriend from years ago – can be the right person to try to contact her. Or is he the only one she will trust?

After a decade of anticipation, readers of the hit novel Let The More Loving One Be Me are rewarded with an engrossing return to the lives of Summer Maple, her mother Leena and her ex-boyfriend Antti. The music has mellowed, but the strains of love are as complex, powerful and painful as ever.

Bring Back The Butterflies is one of Finland’s most highly anticipated literary events for the upcoming year. Its April publication has already received significant attention in the press.

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