03 / 2014
140 x 202 mm
General Fiction
Published by:
Venla Hiidensalo

Bear’s Den

A strong, outspoken novel about roots, hatred and violence—and love sprouting in their shadow.

Photographer Mataleena returns to Finland from a prolonged trip when she hears her paternal grandmother Alma is dying. Suddenly sitting at Alma’s bedside is more important than fleeing from her own dark memories.

Alma’s final intelligible words are “find father”. Mataleena heeds by them, and begins to track Voitto, who disappeared into the Soviet Union during the civil war.

Bear’s Den paints a remarkable picture of interwar Finland, where part of the nation lived in remote areas at the mercy of nature, and the other wholeheartedly embraced European city life.

Press Quotes

Like a classical myth that makes the reader marvel at how the dividing line between the worlds of reality and enigma can be difficult to pin down, and how it can be drawn so skilfully. –Nykypäivä

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