09 / 2014
140 x 202 mm
Young adult
Published by:
Terhi Rannela

All Night Long
(Läpi Yön)

From a suicide attempt to the publication of her first novel, on her journey to become a writer this A-student plunges from euphoria to the bottom muds

Fifteen-year-old Maria’s greatest dream of all is to become a writer. Without writing she could not stay alive. Her pen is the breathing machine she hooks herself up to. The hand that pulls her back from the abyss. The first aid kit that saves her in moments of desperation.

But there are obstacles on the way to her dream: a contentious relationship with her father, everyday dating worries, classes and tests that rob her of sleep, uninterested publishers.

Poems, short stories, novels, a journal – year after year and sentence by sentence the ambitious girl pursues her dream. As a 20-year-old literature student she realizes she is terrifyingly close.