04 / 2015
145 x 215 mm
Crime and Thrillers
General Fiction
Published by:
Jyrki Erra

The Hounds of Berlin
(Berliinin ajokoirat)

A thriller teeming with Cold War tension right in the dark heart of superpower politics in 1980’s Berlin. 

Finnish Max travels to Berlin in the 1980’s . It is the city where he lived over twenty years ago with his father, a successful actor. In Berlin, Max discovers his father’s old correspondence. Who does the coat of arms adorning the letters belong to? And who is ”Liebe B”, references to whom are dotted throughout his father’s letter drafts?

Max’s research leads him to a derelict palace, standing literally on the dividing line between east and west: the Berlin Wall splits the building in half. The palace and its eccentric residents — a countess suffering from dementia and her carer Isabella — protect secrets right in the heart of superpower politics. Will the palace also hold the key to the mysteries of Max’s own life?

Max finds help in the form of Mr Besson, a collector of rare manuscripts who runs his own wig boutique, and the young waitress Frieda. Sparks fly between Max and Frieda — but why does Frieda always become withdrawn whenever they grow closer?