01 / 2014
120 x 190 mm
Children's Fiction 12-15
Young adult
Published by:
Aleksi Delikouras

New Game 2. Next Level
(Nörtti 2)

”Why the hell would you go all the way to Greece to look at some dusty old statues. Just drool over them online if you don’t have a life.”

DragonSlayer666 is on the verge of a breakdown when he hears that the school camp will be held in Greece. He’s not concerned about his pale skin, non-existing sixpack or even Hege91 who’s practised Greek words like phobia, democracy and moussaka. The one thing he can’t get over is the fact mum’s boyfriend Giorgos is butting in and joining the trip.
His worst fears come true during the trip: the internet cafés are shut, Hege91 is not the only jerk in town, and Giorgos’ mother starts arranging a Greek wife for DragonSlayer.