10 / 2013
140 x 202 mm
Children's books & YA
Young adult
Published by:
Siri Kolu

The terror inside
(Pelko ihmisessä)


A gripping thriller that has no room for a happy ending

What would it be like to live in a society based on fear? The T flu changes the world as we know it. But will it also turn loved ones into enemies? The terror inside. The torment inside. The timidity inside. The tawdriness inside. This is what it reads on the note Pilvi leaves for her brother when she leaves home. As the T flu spreads, it changes everyone’s lives and all of society. Along with two hundred other flu victims, 16-year-old Pilvi is quarantined in a cave. The small-scale society has its problems of its own, and almost no future to speak of.

Pilvi’s big brother Petri refuses to think of his sister as lost; rescuing her becomes his life mission. Then there’s Tuomas, who has secret schemes of his own. And Largo, Pilvi’s cave crush, about whom you just can’t quite tell…

An English excerpt will be available