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Tuija Lehtinen

A veteran of around 100 works in print, Tuija Lehtinen is a prolific author in the teen & young adult genre as well as adult fiction, with a huge and devoted following. She draws out the modern realities of the young with a deft and humorous brush. Under the entertaining surface, however, there is always a clear and perceptive insight into life and human relationships. Her characteristic optimism and inexhaustible imagination have won readers over the age and gender limits, and she’s constantly flooded with fan mail from young readers.

Tuija Lehtinen was born in 1954 in Helsinki. After her M.Sc. she worked as journalist and became a full-time author in 1984. She’s married and has two children.

Tuija Lehtinen has been awarded among others with the state Literary Award in 1988, Topelius Award in 1997 and in 2006, and Kaarina Helakisa Award for her whole work for young readers in 2002.

Tuija Lehtinen’s work has been published in Danish, Estonian, German, Japanese, and Swedish.



  • Saimi and Selma – the Secret Admirer (Saimi ja Selma. Salainen ihailija, 2014)
  • Time for Forgiveness (Armon aika, 2014)
  • A Girl’s Summer (Tyttö elää kesää, 2014)
  • The Troublesam Trove (Konstikas kätkö. Saimi ja Selma, 2015)



  • 1988 Finnish State Prize for Literature
  • 2002 Kaarina Helakisa Literary Prize
  • 1997 Topelius Prize
  • 2006 Topelius Prize



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