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Tua Harno

Tua Harno (born 1984) is a writer and scriptwriter living in Helsinki. Harno has an MA in drama from the Theatre Academy Helsinki and a law degree from the University of Helsinki.

Harno marched directly into the heart of the Finnish literary scene with her debut novel Those Who Stay (2013), a strong, lyrical, beautifully written work about roots, family and the songs of Leonard Cohen. She had entered the manuscript in a writing competition organised by Otava Publishing and stunned the jury with her technical skill and the force of her story.

Harno’s prose is characterised by confidence, graceful narration, delicate characterisation and powerfully charged atmosphere.

In her second novel, Burnt Land (2015), a pregnant woman in her thirties travels to Australia to seek balance and direction for her life.

Harno also wrote the screenplay for the musical film Let’s Be Free!, which premiered in August 2015.

“I alternate between writing scripts and novels, so I don’t get overwhelmed by the loneliness of writing long prose. I’m always looking for the perfect combination of beauty, humour and sadness. I used to dream of having an island where I could write. Now I hope to make space at the family dining table for my laptop.” – Tua Harno



  • Those Who Stay (Ne Jotka Jäävät), 2013
  • Burnt Land (Oranssi Maa), 2015



  • Pentti Saarikoski -competition winner, 2012


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