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Terhi Rannela


Terhi Rannela (born 1980) has a Master’s degree in General Literary Theory from Tampere University. She works as a freelance writer and journalist. She has published a number of books for young adults, one of which (Blown Away) has just been published in German by Franckh-Kosmos. Her travel trilogy, consisting of the titles Amsterdam, Anne F. and Me; Goa, Ganesha, and Me and Farewell, the Arctic Sea, and Me, has also received plenty of plaudits. She has written works of humour and nonfiction as well.

She lives in Tampere and enjoys reading, drinking tea, watching movies, exercising, meeting friends in cafés, blogging, laughing, sleeping, traveling, and following the twists and turns of Madonna’s career.

Rannela blogs in Finnish both on her own page at www.terhirannela.net and on Grafomania, a web diary shared by six authors, at http://grafomania.wordpress.com/.



  • Puhdas valkoinen, 2004 WSOY
  • Korkealle ja kovaa, 2005 WSOY
  • Apua, mitä mä sanon? Sanoja hankaliin tilanteisiin, together with Elina Kujala, Minerva 2006
  • Sisaret sanassa (kokemuksia Pentinkulman päiviltä) together with Paula Havaste, in the book Esikoiskirjailija kohtaa kirjailijan – Pentinkulman esikoiskirjailijaseminaari 20 vuotta, Väinö Linnan seura 2006
  • Blown Away (Taivaan tuuliin, 2007 Otava)
  • Amsterdam, Anne F., and Me (Amsterdam, Anne F. ja minä, 2008 Otava)
  • Goa, Ganesha, and Me (Goa, Ganesha ja minä, 2009 Otava)
  • Farewells, The Arctic Sea, and Me (Jäämeri, jäähyväiset ja minä, 2010 Otava)
  • In Scarlett’s Dress (Scarlettin puvussa, 2011 Otava)
  • All Night Long (Läpi Yön, 2014 Otava)


Published books