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Taavi Soininvaara

Taavi Soininvaara (b. 1966) immediately won the hearts of all lovers of quality action whodunits with his debut thriller, the critically-acclaimed Ebola – Helsinki (2000). It was soon followed by a series of top-notch crime novels featuring the same main character, laid-back Chief Inspector Arto Ratamo.

Soininvaara’s works delve into current issues in international politics, terrorism, the economy and cybercrime. Pit against these sensitive situations, Arto Ratamo also has to fight against the bad seeds operating within the high ranks of the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.

Today the series remains very successful in Finland and has a solid following. In addition, both the Arto Ratamo and Leo Kara series met success in Germany.

Soininvaara’s style is precise, his vision remarkable. Not only can he create highly credible plots, but his keen observation and his engineer’s mind can see the big picture surrounding a crime, and all the ramifications of each action taken.

Soininvaara is also a popular columnist for a national newspaper, in which he discusses current events and their possible developments. It is no surprise that most of his columns echo his fictional work, with its realism and international dimension.

The Arto Ratamo series now amounts to twelve instalments – and counting. The most recent title, The Russian Guest (Venäläinen vieras), will be published by Otava in August 2016. The TV series based on Arto Ratamo novels will premiere on one of the major Finnish TV channels in the near future.


Press quotes

Soininvaara is a successor of John Le Carré – a writer who likes a good story connected to global hot-button issues. – Kouvolan Sanomat, Finland

Taavi Soininvaara grabs hold of you on the very first pages and keeps you tightly hooked. – Hämeenkyrön Sanomat, Finland

Soininvaara upholds the honour of the genre, shocking with his realism and putting the reader in a headlock with his astonishingly well-woven plot. – Länsi-Uusimaa, Finland

Soininvaara writes intelligent, intricate crime stories about current themes. – Warkauden Lehti, Finland



Arto Ratamo Series:

  • Ebola-Helsinki, 2000 Tammi
  • Inferno.fi, 2001 Tammi
  • The Revenge Comission (Koston komissio), 2002 Tammi
  • Forever Evil (Ikuisesti paha), 2003 Tammi
  • Angel of Wrath (Vihan enkeli), 2004 Tammi
  • Core of Darkness (Pimeyden ydin), 2005 Tammi
  • The Marshal’s Sword (Marsalkan miekka), 2006 Tammi
  • War of The Gods (Jumalten sota), 2007 Tammi
  • The Second Beast (Toinen peto), 2013 Otava
  • The Steel Coffin (Teräsarkku), 2014 Otava
  • The Hawk and The Dove (Haukka ja kyyhky), 2015 Otava
  • The Russian Guest (Venäläinen vieras), 2016 Otava

Leo Kara Series:

  • Critical Density (Kriittinen tiheys), 2009 Tammi
  • Escape Velocity (Pakonopeus), 2010 Otava
  • Red Giant (Punainen jättiläinen), 2011 Otava
  • White Dwarf (Valkoinen kääpiö), 2012 Otava


Best Crime Novel of the Year (by the Finnish Crime Authors’ Association for the novel The Revenge Commission, Koston komissio, 2002)

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