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Siri Kolu


Siri Kolu (b. 1972) is a dramaturge, director, and theatre instructor. Her debut novel The Dark of the Forest was published in 2008.

Me and the Robbersons is a road movie in the form of a children’s book – a story of freedom, and its costs. The filming of this humorous story of adventure will start in 2014, and it’s coming soon as a computer game, too. Me and the Robbersons was awarded Finlandia Junior Prize in 2010 and its rights have been sold to eighteen countries. The fourth book in the series will come out in august 2014.

The Terror Inside is primarily a human-rights thriller for young adults. It was acclaimed by critics and bloggers alike. Strangers Outside is a sister work to the novel.

Kolu loves primitive sight hounds, disaster movies, flea markets, unlined notebooks, experimental performance art, abandoned buildings and wastelands, getting lost in new cities and everyday inventions.


Press quotes

Siri Kolu’s writing is straightforward and captivating. – Helsingin sanomat

Serves as an excellent spark for discussing the world situation.
-Helsingin Sanomat wrote of the The Terror Inside



  • Dark of the Forest (Metsänpimeä, novel, 2008)
  • Me and the Robbersons (Me Rosvolat, children’s novel, 2010)
  • The Robbersons and the Bandit Karaoke (Me Rosvolat ja konnakaraoke, children’s novel, 2011)
  • The Robbersons and the Robbers’ Handbook (Me Rosvolat ja iso-Hemmin arkku, children’s novel, 2012)
  • The Robbersons and the Noble Hunt (Me Rosvolat ja vaakunaväijy, children’s novel, 2013)
  • The Terror Inside (Pelko ihmisessä, 2013)
  • The Robbersons and the League of Bandits (Me Rosvolat ja ryöväriliitto, 2014)
  • Strangers Outside (Ihmisen puolella, 2014)



  • 2010 Me and the Robbersons was awarded Finlandia Junior Prize
  • 2013 the second prize in Belgium by the Flemish Children´s and Juvenile Books Jury
  • In the Netherlands the book won the Silver Slate Pencil (Zilveren Griffel, 2012) which is the most important award a translated book can receive in The Netherlands
  • 2013 Laivakello Prize by the Finnish Institute for Children´s Literature


Works published in / Rights sold to:

China (Liaoning)
Denmark (ABC)
Estonia (Ajakirjade kirjastus)
France (Didier jeunesse / Hachette Book Group)
Germany (Heyne / Random House)
Hungary (Móra)
Italy (Feltrinelli)
Korea (Seoul Education)
Netherlands (Gottmer)
Norway (Mangschou)
Poland (Tatarak)
Serbia (Kreativni centar)
Slovenia (Mladinska Knjiga)
Sweden (Bonnier Carlsen)
Russia (MD Media)
Spain (Salamandra)
Turkey (Aylak Adam Children’s Books)

Published books