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Pirjo Hassinen


Pirjo Hassinen is one of Finland’s leading contemporary authors, a magical storyteller and master of description that appeals to the senses. She is also an exceptionally sensual narrator. Her prose style captures the reader and takes him deep into a jungle of feelings, to the well of wishes and desires.

Pirjo Hassinen was born on 14th November in 1957. She studied political science and philosophy, and now works as a free writer. She lives in the middle of Finland with her husband and daughter.

Pirjo Hassinen has been published in Germany by Random House and in Norway by Pax. Her books have also been translated into Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech and Turkish.


Press quotes

Sexuality and power are at the core of all of Hassinen’s works. – Turun Sanomat

You can always take one thing for certain when you pick up a Pirjo Hassinen novel. She is gifted in psychological narrative, has the ability to delve into the human mind and mould its movements so poignantly that you nod in agreement at the recognisable sentiments. – Aamulehti

Hassinen excels at depicting human relationships. – Kouvolan sanomat



  • Joel, 1991
  • Yön kentät, 1992
  • Ennustaja, 1994
  • Superwomen (Voimanaiset), 1996
  • The Last Embrace (Viimeinen syli), 1998
  • Strawberries in November (Mansikoista marraskuussa), 2000
  • Christmas-wife (Jouluvaimo), 2002
  • King’s Garden (Kuninkaanpuisto), 2004
  • Father’s Day (Isänpäivä), 2006
  • Choices and Consequences (Suistola), 2007
  • Say That You Want (Sano että haluat), 2009
  • Madame (Rouva), 2011
  • Popula (Popula), 2012
  • Sauna Paradis, 2014



  • Suuri Suomalainen Kirjakerho club recognition award 1994
  • Savonia Prize 1995
  • Jyväskylä Cultural Prize 1995
  • Thanks for the Book Award 2001
  • State Literary Award 2001
  • Suomi Award 2004
  • Savonia Award 2013


Works published in / Rights sold to:

Germany (btb / Random House)
Latvia (AGB)
Norway (Pax)
Turkey (Anemon)
Czech Republic (Ivo Železný)


Published books