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Pasi Pekkola


Pasi Pekkola (born 1981) is a journalist, former professional basketball player and businessman who worked as a CEO in China for three years, heading the subsidiary of a Finnish company. He has a Master’s degree in Political Science. Currently he is a full-time writer and novelist.

Pekkola’s writing reaches deep underneath the skin of its characters whose thoughts, feelings, actions and fates become vital to the reader: it feels natural to fall in love, get disappointed, grieve and rejoice with them. Pekkola is not unnecessarily afraid of strong emotions nor big scales, but he is also a master at interpreting an individual’s emotions and conditions. His prose is gripping, intense and story-driven, his language full of beautiful metaphors.

Pekkola’s first novel The Dream-Snatcher (2013) was set in the world of sports. It was shortlisted for the Helsingin Sanomat literature prize for the best first novel of the year.

Pekkola’s second novel The Coulours of A Dragon (2015) is a story of international scope. It reaches from the Chinese countryside in the 1960’s to the silent Helsinki of the 1980’s and to the colourful and pulsating Shanghai of today.

”As a writer, I see myself before all as a storyteller, but as one who does not like compromises, who is always looking for the perfect combination of story and language, the beautiful balance of form and content. I’m not afraid of big stories, they tend to squeeze the best out of me.” – Pasi Pekkola


Press Quotes

Pekkola’s narrative is fluid and beautiful, and he slips under the skin of his characters with ease, letting sensory perceptions enrich the narrative. – Hämeen Sanomat

The language Pekkola uses is very beautiful, and he succeeds in capturing the sentiments of his characters in a relatable way. – Sylvi online magazine



  • The Dream-Snatcher (Unelmasieppaaja, 2013, Otava)
  • The Colours of a Dragon (Lohikäärmeen värit, 2015, Otava)


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