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Mila Teräs


Mila Teräs’ innovative, linguistically rich young adult novels have garnered abundant accolades.

Her first novel, Girl from the Future, was a critical triumph on its appearance in 2004. In her second novel, The Blue Room (2006), her richly colourful idiom, sensitivity of expression, and keen insight are once again in evidence. Teräs is clearly a real find, and she effortlessly creates a satisfying novel out of a difficult and absorbing subject. The Blue Room was also a nominee for the Topelius Prize and received an honourable mention in the IBBY Awards from the International Board on Books for Young People.

Since then, she has also written fiction for children. Telma and the House of Stories came out in 2010, and the next part in the series, Telma and the Island of Secrets, was published in 2011. The third part, Telma and the School of Whispers was published in 2012. In 2012 she also collaborated with Karoliina Pertamo and wrote a beautiful story for small children, Ellie and the Binky-Mouth.

Mila Teräs (b. 1975) has studied Finnish literature and creative writing. Her novels and poems have appeared in anthologies and magazines.



  • Girl From the Future (Tyttö tulevaisuudesta, young adult’s novel, 2004)
  • The Blue Room (Sininen huone, young adult’s novel, 2006)
  • The Dark Sky Guild (Pimeän taivaan kilta, young adult’s novel, 2008)
  • Telma and the House Of Stories (Telma ja tarinoiden talo, children’s novel. Illustrated by Karoliina Pertamo, 2010)
  • Telma and the Island Of Secrets (Telma ja salaisuuksien saari, children’s novel. Illustrated by Karoliina Pertamo, 2011)
  • Ellie and the Binky-Mouth (Elli ja tuttisuu, picture book. Illustrated by Karoliina Pertamo, 2012)
  • Telma and the School Of Whispers (Telma ja kuiskausten koulu, children’s novel. Illustrated by Karoliina Pertamo, 2012)
  • The Shadow of the Butterfly (Perhosen varjo, young adults’ novel, 2012)
  • Ellie Gets Some Shuteye (Elli ja unenpää, picture book. Illustrated by Karoliina Pertamo, 2013)
  • Telma and the Winter Magic (Telma ja taikojen talvi. Illustrated by Karoliina Pertamo, 2014)



  • 2006 an honourable mention in the IBBY Awards from the International Board on Books for Young People
  • 2006, 2012 shortlisted for the Topelius Prize


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