Markus Nummi


Markus Nummi (b. 1959) studied history and philosophy, and has worked as a writer, screenwriter, dramatist, director and producer of films as well as theatre.

This multi-talented writer’s debut work, Paris Lost, a brilliantly challenging and mischievous fantasy novel, received an award as the best first novel by a Finnish author in 1994 it was also published in Swedish translation by Bonniers. His novel Chinese Garden (2004) is a timeless tale of love and loss. Markus Nummi has also published a book for children.

Nummi’s novels have been translated into Swedish (Bonnier) and German (Suhrkamp), and extracts of his published works and other writings have appeared in English, Swedish, German, Estonian, Russian and Polish translations.


Press quotes

Markus Nummi has a finely tuned gift for empathy. – Ilta-Sanomat

The author’s perceptiveness and descriptive skill are to be praised for these believable and well-rounded characters. – Kymen Sanomat

Markus Nummi’s books come along rarely but with great deliberation. – Satakunnan Kansa



  • Paris Lost (Kadonnut Pariisi), novel, 1994, Otava
  • Joy (Ilo), prose piece as part of an illustrated book, 1995, Helsinki Media
  • The Worlds at Your Fingertips (Maailmat sormenpäissä), prose piece as part of a book of photographs, 1999, Finnish Culture Fund
  • Chinese Garden (Kiinalainen puutarha), novel, 2004, Otava
  • The Mouse Who Decided to Be an Elephant (Hiiri joka päätti olla norsu), illustrated by Kati Kinnunen, children’s book, 2005, Otava
  • Ballad of the Convicted President (Balladi tuomitusta presidentistä), poetry collection, 2007, Alfred Kordelin Society and Risto Ryti Society
  • Candy Day (Karkkipäivä), novel, 2010, Otava


Works published in / Rights sold to:

Sweden (Bonniers)
Germany (Suhrkamp)
Russia (Ivan Limbakh Publishing House)

Published books