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Katja Kallio


Katja Kallio (b. 1968) is a freelance writer. She has worked as an editor for a publishing company and a press officer as well as a literary translator and columnist, and has written screenplays. After translating three novels into Finnish, Kallio realised that translating other people’s work was not enough.

Kallio is able to write about even serious, deep subjects with a light touch and can keep readers hooked with arresting turns of phrase. Her novels generally employ melodramatic, tragicomic styles.

Films have always been important to Katja Kallio. Two of her novels, In the Moonlight and Going Solo, have been made into feature films for which Kallio adapted the screenplays herself. In addition to her novels, she has written a book of personal reminiscences on the subject of film, as well as a children’s book.

Kallio’s books have been published in German and Dutch translation.


Press quotes

Kallio’s book are a delight to read! – Hämeen Sanomat

The term ‘apposite’ describes Kallio’s language. – Hämeen Sanomat

Besides the fact that Kallio has mastered the big themes, she is also capable of weaving bits of magic into her text that, when you read them, make you want to grab a pen and write down her words of wisdom. – Etelä-SaimaaKatja Kallio is excellent. – Helsingin Sanomat

Really makes you want to shriek. – Helsingin Sanomat

The thing I like most is Kallio’s carefree narration, which makes familiar things seem fresh. I think she’s a really fun writer! – Suvi Ahola, Helsingin Sanomat



  • In the Moonlight (Kuutamolla), novel, 2000
  • Going Solo (Sooloilua), novel, 2002
  • Types (Tyypit), collected writings, 2004
  • Bibi moves to Finland (Bibi muuttaa Suomeen), children’s book, with Maggie Lindholm (illustrated by Marie El-Ahmar), 2005
  • Film memory (Elokuvamuisti), collected writings, 2007
  • On the Rocks (Karilla), novel, 2008
  • The Book of Sin (Syntikirja), novel, 2009
  • An Accidental Clarity (Säkenöivät hetket), novel 2013


Works published in / Rights sold to:

German (Krüger/Fischer)
Netherlands (Sijthoff)

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