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Jyrki Erra


Jyrki Erra (born 1950) is an architect from Helsinki. He shares an architect office together with his spouse.

Jyrki Erra’s debut novel The Pages (2012) is a thriller of international proportions, delving into the secrets of the past and reminiscent of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose in its atmosphere.


Press quotes

Similar to Eco, Erra has succeeded in carrying the narrative through tingling suspense and excellent characters, making each page more interesting than the last (…) The Pages is a superbly written suspense novel. – Karjalainen

The Pages is an exceptionally skilfully written suspense story. – Savon Sanomat



  • The Pages (Kaunasin sivut, 2012)
  • The Hounds of Berlin (Berliinin ajokoirat, 2015)


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