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Julia Vuori


Julia Vuori’s pig-philosophy is the perfect antidote to stress and hurry; these are comic books that are bound to be good for the soul. The warm humour and gentle satire contained in Pig albums have won over audiences of all ages.

Julia Vuori (b. 1968) has studied in the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. She has published three comic collections of Pig’s adventures, as well as a series of Pig books for children. As a graphic designer she has illustrated also other authors’ works.

Her paintings and illustrations have been shown both in private and joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad, e. g. in Bologna, Japan and Bratislava. In 2006-2007 her Pig illustrations are exhibited in Musee de livres d’images d’Azumino in Japan and in August 2008 there was a large exhibition of her original works in the EKI museum of Kyoto, Japan. In connection with the exhibition the Japanese animation company Studio Pierrot has lauched four SIKA animations based on Julia Vuori’s characters.

Pig’s life has also been featured regularly on the pages of the weekly supplement to Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat since 1995.


Press quotes

Vuori conjures fantasy out of everyday things. – Itä-Savo

The abundance of detail excites the senses and tempts into a dialogue with the young reader. To the adult, Pig and the Capricious Mushroom is a welcome ode to idleness. – Aamulehti



Comic book albums:

  • Pig (Sika, 1998)
  • Pig in Paris (Sika Pariisissa, 200)
  • Pig and the Capricious Mushroom (Sika ja oikukas sieni, 2006)

Picture books:

  • Pig and Colours (Sika ja värit, 2004)
  • Pig and Feelings (Sika ja tunteet, 2004)
  • Pig and Hobbies (Sika ja harrastukset, 2005)
  • Pig and Numbers (Sika ja numerot, 2010)
  • Pig Can´t Decide (Sika ei osaa päättää, 2013)



  • Spur Award of Finnish Association for Critics 1992
  • Finland Award for Young Art 1994
  • The Best of the Year Golden Award by the Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland 1994 for the book Eero
  • Rudolf Koivu Award for the best illustrator of a children’s book or juveniles 1999
  • Introducing Art to Children Special Award in Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2001 for the book The Dream-Weaver Comes (Unennäkijä tulee), a guide for children to Hugo Simberg’s art, illustrated partly by Julia Vuori
  • State Award for Children’s Culture 2013


Works published in / Rights sold to:

Japan (Bunkeido)
Latvia (Janis Roze Publishers)
China (Beijing Black & White Panda, Science Press)
Korea (E*Safari)

Published books