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Ilkka Auer


Ilkka Auer (b. 1966) used to be an avid role player. During his role playing years, he usually designed the games from start to finish himself, and set the adventures in worlds he’d created. The worlds expanded over the years, which sparked his interest in writing.

Ilkka Auer’s first novel Clan of the Dragon – Land of Snow and Ice (2004) is fantasy, which draws from Scandinavian mythology. ”A few years ago I wrote a story about a girl and a polar bear for my friend’s daughter as a present. When I heard how much she’d enjoyed the story, I decided to continue it. This turned into Clan of the Dragon, a story full of Scandinavian features, grand dragons, chivalry, tenacious soldiers and, above all, strong female characters,” Auer reveals.

The tetralogy Land of Snow and Ice consists of the novels Clan of the Dragon, Traveler in the Shadows, Icy Tomb and Everlasting Winter.


Press quotes

Auer’s strength lies in the detail of his meticulously constructed fantasy world. The violent Viking courts, complex history, and individual characters are all set out vividly and credibly. – Helsingin Sanomat

The chill Arctic world conjured up by Ilkka Auer in all its breadth and mystery once again succeeds in convincing the reader. Fantasy and Scandinavian mythology merge and melt into each other in fascinating fashion in this impressive follow-up. More, please! – Salon Seudun Sanomat



Land of Snow and Ice -series:

  • Clan of the Dragon (Sysilouhien sukua, 2004)
  • Traveler in the Shadows (Varjoissa vaeltaja, 2006)
  • Icy Tomb (Hyinen hauta, 2007)
  • Everlasting Winter (Ikitalvi, 2008)

Nicholas North -series:

  • Nicholas North – The Curse of the Hellion (Kalmattaren kirous – Nicholas North, together with Antti J. Jokinen, 2013)
  • Nicholas North – Sampo Robbery (Sammon ryöstö – Nicholas North 2, together with Antti J. Jokinen)



Ilkka Auer was awarded the Finnish Tolkien Society’s “Mirrormere” bust in 2005 for his The Clan of the Dragon. The prize goes each year to the best work of Finnish fantasy fiction.


Works published in / Rights sold to:

Russia (AST)
Brazil (Hedra)


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