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Helena Waris


Helena Waris (born 1970) is a mother of four and a gardener.

Helena Waris writes fantasy novels for young adults, where the stories are based in a world that draws inspiration from Finnish folklore. The first part of the series, A Path Drawn to a Dream, was published in 2009, the second part The Wolf Children in 2011, and the third part will be out in 2013.

Things close to her heart are landraces, folklore, renovating, rock music and pastries.

Her motto is: it is insane to live so sensibly that you regret it. This she has followed commendably. Helena Waris’ A Path Drawn to a Dream novel was awarded the Finnish Tolkien Society Kuvastaja Award in 2010.

Comments from the Society Award panel:

The story drew you in from the first pages, especially thanks to the interesting characters and flowing narrative. The myths and beliefs Waris embeds in her stories make the world colourful and authentic.

Original and beautiful story. Respectful of the traditions of fantasy, it accurately avoids the clichés.


Press quotes

Waris has created an interesting fantasy world with its own laws with echoes of Kalevala. The novel offers a full setting of speed and dangerous situations, witchcraft and magic, vindictiveness and love. – Suomen Kuvalehti 2011

“A Path Drawn to a Dream” is an enchanting, original, and captivating reading experience. – Tähtivaeltaja 2009



  • A Path Drawn To A Dream (Uniin piirretty polku) 2009, Otava
  • The Wolf Children (Sudenlapset) 2011, Otava
  • Winterblooded – Netherholme Trilogy (Talviverinen)  2013, Otava
  • The Mountain (Vuori) 2014, Otava


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