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Heidi Köngäs


Heidi Köngäs (b. 1954) is a highly regarded Finnish film director and author.

Her novels The Promised (2000), Iris’s Stranger (2002) – also published by Persona Verlag in Germany – Doing Good (2006) and Something About You (2008) have been praised as insightful depictions of the spiritual life of Finland. Her fifth novel, Dora, Dora, was published in August 2012.


Press quotes

Heidi Köngäs is a gifted portrayer of women’s emotional life and the most delicate of gestures. – MTV3.fi website

Breathtaking story about commitment and loyalty. – AAMULEHTI on Dora, Dora



  • The Promised (Luvattu, 2000)
  • Iris’s Stranger (Vieras mies, 2002)
  • Doing Good (Hyväntekijä, 2006)
  • Something About You (Jokin sinusta, 2008)
  • Dora, Dora (Dora, Dora, 2012)
  • Hertta (Hertta, 2015)


Works published in / Rights sold to:

Estonia (Varrak)
German (Personaverlag)

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