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Essi Tammimaa


Essi Tammimaa (b. 1981) is a writer, lecturer, freelance journalist and copy editor who has worked in the culture sector in a variety of communications capacities. Tammimaa’s debut novel Ilmestys (Revelation, Gummerus, 2007) was well received, and Paljain käsin (With Bare Hands, Gummerus, 2011) was a Runeberg prize nominee.


Press quotes

Essi Tammimaa is undisputedly a linguistic talent. – Helsingin Sanomat



  • Ilmestys, Gummerus, 2007
  • Paljain käsin, Gummerus, 2011
  • Shaman’s Daughter (Noaidin tytär), Otava, 2013



Published books