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Antti Tuuri


Antti Tuuri (b. 1944) graduated in graphic engineering in 1972. He then worked as a technical director, a managing director and a development director for many printing companies. Since 1983 he devotes himself to writing.

He is very often a portrayer of the middle class, a behaviourist characterized by a precise style coloured by Ostrobothnian humour.

Tuuri uses language accurately, without wasting words, with great clarity of narrative. He pays a lot of attention to man as a link in the natural chain, living at nature’s mercy. Tuuri is always seeking new paths; he is an ‘alternative writer’, who typically thinks in ecological terms.

Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaa), the impressive first volume of a series which Tuuri began in the 1980s, won the Nordic Council’s Literary Award in 1985. The book describes a province in which people have always had a flare for rising up, marching and even dying for a cause. An epic film based on the novel Pohjanmaa was filmed in 1988.

Ostrobothnia was followed by five other novels the last of which, The Call of the Plains (Lakeuden kutsu) concluded the fine series in a remarkable way. For this novel Antti Tuuri received the Finlandia Prize in 1997.

The author now has about 60 books to his credit: fiction, documentaries, travel stories, biographies, corporate histories etc. He is also an eminent writer of radio, TV and stage plays, not to forget his opera librettos and he has adapted many of his books for radio, television and film. Antti Tuuri’s works have been translated into 24 languages.

His interests range widely from travelling and fly fishing to sailing and tennis.



  • The Relations of Things (Asioiden suhteet), 1971, novel
  • Saturady evening (Lauantaina illalla), 1971, short stories
  • Seven Stories (Seitsemän kertomusta), 1972, short stories
  • End of November, (Marraskuun loppu), 1973, novel
  • A Year of Life (Vuosi elämästä), 1975, short stories
  • A River Flows through the Town (Joki virtaa läpi kaupungin), 1977, novel
  • The Rudiments of Fly-fishing (Perhokalastuksen alkeet), 1978, short stories
  • Seasons in a Country Town (Vuodenajat maaseutukaupungissa), 1979, novel
  • The Expert (Asiantuntija), 1979, short stories
  • The Stoniest Place in the World (Maailman kivisin paikka), 1980, short stories
  • A Story of a Lake (Kertomus järvestä), 1981, documentary novel
  • Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaa), 1982, novel
  • The Firefighters (Sammuttajat), 1983, short stories
  • Short Stories (Novellit), 1983, collection of short stories
  • Winter War (Talvisota), 1984, novel
  • Fifteen Meters to the Left (Viisitoista metriä vasempaan)1985, novel
  • American High Street (Ameriikan raitti), 1986, novel
  • Sergeant-Major Matala Flies (Vääpeli Matala lentää), 1987, short stories
  • New Jerusalem (Uusi Jerusalem), 1988, novel
  • The Space of the Earth (Maan avaruus), 1989, novel
  • On the road to Rukajärvi (Rukajärven tiellä) ,1990, documentary novel
  • Time Spent in Rukajärvi (Rukajärven aika), 1991, documentary novel
  • The Rukajärvi Line (Rukajärven linja), 1992, documentary novel
  • The Great Little Country (Pieni suuri maa), 1993, stories from Iceland
  • Men with Women (Miehiä naisten kanssa), 1993, novel
  • Guilty of War (Sotaan syylliset), 1994, novel
  • Guest of the Fourth Reich (Neljännen valtakunnan vieraana), 1995, essays
  • Finland Lives by Its Woods (Suomi elää metsistään), 1996, short stories
  • The Call of the Plains (Lakeuden kutsu), 1997, novel
  • Living for Your Country (Elämä isänmaalle), 1998, novel
  • Sailing on the Lake Inari (Isoa Inaria kiertämässä), 2000, a documentary with Erno Paasilinna
  • A Hole in the Sky (Aukko taivaassa), 2000, novel
  • The Sons of Eerik (Eerikinpojat), 2001, novel (No. 1 in the series My Mother’s Family)
  • Ulla’s Book (Ullan kirja), 2002, novel (No. 2 in the series My Mother’s Family)
  • The Strangers (Muukalaiset), 2003, novel (No. 3 in the series My Mother’s Family)
  • Wallenberg, 2004, novel (No. 4 in the series My Mother’s Family)
  • Skywalkers (Taivaanraapijat), 2005, novel (No. 5 in the series My Mother’s Family)
  • Flyfishing in Ostrobothnia (Perhokalastus Pohjanmaalla), fishing stories, 2006
  • Bearing the Dead (Kylmien kyytimies), 2007, novel (No. 6 in the series My Mother’s Family)
  • The Deadly Field (Surmanpelto), 2008, novel
  • Rowing on the Teno (Tenoa soutamassa), 2009,
  • The Track (Rata), 2010, novel
  •  Travelling in Europe  (Matkoilla Euroopassa), 2010
  • The Eternal Road (Ikitie), 2011, novel
  • The Iron Heel (Rauta-antura), 2012, novel
  • The Alchemists. Earthly Love (Alkemistit. Maallinen rakkaus), 2013, novel
  • The Alchemists. Heavenly Nuptials (Alkemistit II. Taivaalliset häät), 2014, novel
  • The Unstoppable (Pitelemättömät), 2015, novel
  • The Boys (Tangopojat), 2016, novel



  • State Prize for Literature 1976, 1978, 1983
  • Nordic Council’s Literary Award 1985 (Ostrobothnia/ Pohjanmaa)
  • Pro Finlandia -medal 1985
  • Finlandia Fiction Prize 1997
  • Aleksis Kivi Award 2009


Antti Tuuri’s works have been published in 24 languages





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