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Antti Hyry


Award-winning author Antti Hyry, one of our most esteemed writers, published his breakthrough novel, He Started from the Highway, in 1958. His 1999 The Granary was a nominee for the Finlandia Prize and The Oven, Hyry’s tenth novel, was awarded with the Finlandia Prize in 2009.

Antti Hyry’s texts have been published in thirteen languages, by Hinstorff (Germany) and Bonniers (Sweden), among others.

The central them of Antti Hyry’s works is often childhood and northern Finnish countryside and people. In addition to novels, Hyry has also written radio plays.

Antti Hyry has received several prizes, including the State Literary Award in 1963, 1966, 1969, 1975 and 1987, The Aleksis Kivi Prize in 1978 and The Union of Finnish Writers Recognition Award in 2002. Hyry received the Eino Leino Prize in 2005 for “the timeless brightness of best prose”.


Press quotes

Hyry’s man is simultaneously an endless tinkerer, metaphysicist and a child-like wonderer who thus grows beyond himself. – Kaleva



  • He Started from the Highway (Maantieltä hän lähti), short stories, 1958, Otava
  • Kevättä ja syksyä, novel, 1958, Otava
  • Kotona, novel, 1960, Otava
  • Junamatkan kuvaus, short stories, 1962, Otava
  • Alakoulu, novel, 1965, Otava
  • Maailman laita, novel, 1967, Otava
  • Leveitä lautoja, short stories, 1968, Otava
  • Novellit, collection of short stories, 1968, Otava
  • Isä ja poika, novel, 1971, Otava
  • Silta liikkuu, novel, 1975, Otava
  • Maatuuli, novel, 1980, Otava
  • Novellit, short stories (kootut novellit), 1981, Otava
  • Kertomus, novellikokoelma, 1986, Otava
  • Mitä saa olla (includes novels Kotona, Alakoulu, Isä ja poika, Silta liikkuu), 1991, Otava
  • Kurssi, novel, 1993, Otava
  • The Granary (Aitta) novel, 1999, Otava
  • The Oven (Uuni) novel, 2009, Otava



  • 1963, 1966, 1969, 1975, 1987 State Literary Award
  • 1978 Aleksis Kivi Prize
  • 1980 Church Literary Award
  •  2002 The Union of Finnish Writers Recognition Award
  •  2003 Arts Promotion Centre Atrium Cultori Prize
  •  2005 Eino Leino Prize
  • 2009 Espoo Culture Award
  • 2009 Finlandia Prize
  • 2010 Akateeminen Kirjakauppa Shadow Finlandia Award



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