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Antti Halme


Antti Halme (b. 1972) works as an advertising copywriter. He is in his element writing for preteens and teens, and really understands how to hook young readers. In his latest novel, Metal Brothers and Mega-babes, he employs plenty of zany humour while also touching on serious issues of school and online bullying.

Ville and Harri are also the main characters in Metal Brothers (2009), Antti Halme’s previous novel for young people. It was also shortlisted for the Finlandia Junior prize in 2009. Both this book and his earlier works Markus Light and the Bottle-Bank Spirits (2004) and Playing with Fire (2005), clip along like action movies.

Halme also plays guitar, likes fantasy and horror novels, comics, movies, and computer games.



  • Markus Light and the Bottle-Bank Spirits (Markus Light ja palautuspullon henget, 2004)
  • Playing With Fire (Tulileikit, 2005)
  • Metal Brothers (Metalliveljet, 2009)
  • Metal Brothers and Mega-Babes (Metalliveljet ja megabeibit, 2011)
  • Metal Brothers’ Crusade (Metalliveljet ristiretkellä, 2013)


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