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Aleksi Delikouras


Helsinki resident Aleksi Delikouras studies Film Directing at Aalto University. He’s known for his FatalNinja trilogy and numerous YouTube shorts. Dragon- Slayer66, who appears in the super-popular Nörtti videos, has already gotten over a million views, over 20,000 Facebook fans, and the numbers just keep on growing.




  • Soturioppilas. FatalNinja 1, together with Kristina Delikouras, 2009, WSOY
  • Varjosoturi. FatalNinja 2, together with Kristina Delikouras, 2010, WSOY
  • Soturikaste. FatalNinja 3, together with Kristina Delikouras, 2011, WSOY
  • New Game (Nörtti: New game), 2012, Otava
  • New Game 2. Next Level (Nörtti 2: Next level), 2013, Otava
  • New Game 3. Game Over (Nörtti 3: Game over), 2014, Otava


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