03 / 2016
128 x 185 mm
Illustrated by:
Jenna Kunnas
4-colour illustrations
Children's books & YA
Children's Fiction 6-9
Children's Fiction 9-12
Published by:
Noora Kunnas – Jenna Kunnas

The Wacky Bunch and the Bumptious Baron
(Kaheli sakki ja pöyhkeä paroni)

An uninvited guest arrives at Guesthouse Tailwind. The self-absorbed Baron feels the world revolves around him. The bumptious Baron divides the Wacky Bunch in two: part of the crew is glad to become the Baron’s little helpers, the other part hates the Baron and plots mutiny. But getting rid of the Baron proves less than easy.

Major Kuugenbum, granny Bertta and the other residents are at their wits end and push their resourcefulness to the limit to bring peace back to Tailwind.

Second part in the series. The first part, The Wacky Bunch and the Cabinet of Horrors was published in Spring 2015.

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