10 / 2013
Approx. 400
145 x 215 mm
Historical Fiction
Narrative non-fiction & essays
Published by:
Juha Pohjonen, Oula Silvennoinen

The Unknown Larry Thorne
(Tuntematon Lauri Törni)


A critical biography delves into the legend behind the admired hero

The path of soldier Lauri Törni aka Larry Thorne, knight of the Mannerheim Cross, led from the Winter and Continuation Wars into the German SS troops on two occasions, and from there to the US special forces during the Vietnam War. Due to his wartime accomplishments, Thorne received one of Finland’s highest medals of honour, but soon after the war he was convicted of treason and lost his military rank. He ended up an exile in Sweden, and eventually in a community of Finnish exiles in Venezuela.

How did Larry Thorne become a traitor, a prison escapee, an exile and eventually a hero known to all? Source material gathered from the United States, Germany, and Sweden brings stunning new information to light. Historians Juha Pohjonen and Oula Silvennoinen situate Thorne in his own era, fleshing out the bigger picture that contributed to determining the direction of his destiny.


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