07 / 2016
140 x 202 mm
Children's Picture Books
Published by:
Veera Salmi

Mauri and the Little Big Brother
(Mauri ja mini-isoveli)

Mauri from Pasila has two important tasks to complete: he wants to win the war against the nasty tummy bug and find himself a big brother

Mauri likes things that relate to space, and dreams of having his very own chimpanzee—or alternatively a big brother. A chimp would be fun, and a big brother would come in handy when someone is being mean. Just like Chi’s big brothers come to the rescue when Hilma and Hanan make fun of Mauri and Chi.

But even more terrifying than Hilma and Hanan is the nasty tummy bug making its way through the school. It sounds almost like Ebola, which Mauri has heard of in the news, even though mum reassures him it’s a completely different illness.

Mauri decides to declare war on the nasty tummy bug.